Fear Doesn’t Exist

By Kevin Ferrisi –

What is fear? Does it even really exist? If fear is just a result of your thoughts traveling down a dark road, couldn’t that thought be persuaded to merge onto another path full of hope and optimism. How often do you avoid doing something you need to do because of fear? Come to the realization that fear does not exist anywhere except for in your own mind. You can conquer almost any fear if you will make up your mind to do so.

I recently challenged myself to become more aware of my thoughts and how my mind works. I am an over analytical, one-step-ahead, worrying type of person. I made it my personal goal to be more positive and focus on what I want out of life rather than focus on the current hardships I may have going on. Ultimately I have decided that I always have two choices. I could choose to be miserable and fearful or I could choose to be happy and optimistic.

I have been reading a lot about how powerful the mind really is and it’s astonishing to think how a small change of thought can lead to big changes in life. I have always known deep down inside that by thinking positively and being grateful for what you do have, you can shape your future by the simple power of positive thought. But it is fear that derails your positive thinking toward a dark hole because of the uncertainty of the future. Basically proclaim what you want, knowing inside that you can get it, and taking the steps to achieve what you want. Do not let the what-if thinking distracts you from what’s happening right in front of you. If you are always living in the moment, you always know that right now you are just fine and everything will work out.

Most people go through a bad situation and dwell on the negative experience and in doing so they manifest more bad experiences. Very few people go through a bad situation and think about the good that has come from that negative incident or how worse off things could have been. It’s those few people who put things into perspective and make a negative into a positive that have success in life. And I do not mean just financial success, but success in relationships, career, health, and emotional well-being. It is those people who can reflect and understand the importance of why that bad thing needed to happen.

I have found that it is simply up to you to decide how you feel and in turn shape where you want to go in life. If you choose to be fearful the very things you fear with become your reality. You have to actively train your brain to think positively and be grateful for the things you have. This positive thinking will bring you good things. It will be a challenge to retrain your brain, but I can guarantee you that it’s worth it. It’s not always easy to change your thought patterns because these are patterns that have been learned and become every day habits. Taking control of our thoughts is one of the greatest successes you can achieve.

This week I challenge you to replace every negative thought that pops into your mind with a positive thought and see how quickly your moment, day, or week turns into something good. Try and stay aware of your thoughts and how they affect your surrounding environment and the outcomes of a situation. It can’t hurt you to try. I think we all lose sight of how powerful our minds are and how important it is to be happy and positive at all times. Like attracts like, so shape your own world by thinking positive! Sometimes it just takes the realization of the simplicity of the matter. So many leaders of thought have argued over the centuries for the meaning of life, but there is one thing they all agree on, and that is, you are what you think!